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Brandi P.




It consists of various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients given through an IV that goes directly through the bloodstream and bypasses the digestive system. This leads to faster absorption and produces significant results, reviving and rehydrating the body.

As a complimentary medical service, Plush IV Hydration Lounge can customize your drip to meet your body’s needs. Our drips are great for hangover relief, energy boosters, immune boosters, beauty/skin, jet lag, athletes, or just a basic drip for hydration. We also offer B12 shots for energy if you don’t have the time to sit for an infusion.

All infusions and shots are administered by licensed registered nurses. The infusions take between 30mins-1hr to complete.




Brandi P.

Brandi, RN is the owner and founder of Plush IV Hydration Lounge. 

She is a licensed Registered Nurse
with a nursing background in public health and medical-surgical. Brandi is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been trained with some experts in the medical aesthetic and wellness industries. Outside of Plush IV
Hydration Lounge; Brandi is an entrepreneur, with her own scrubs/uniforms store and also still picks up at her PRN nursing job and does short travel nursing contracts. Brandi is dedicated to the nursing field and has a great passion for IV nutrition and wellness. “Taking care of your body and making sure it has all the nutrients it needs is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. I vow to give all my patients a wonderful, safe, and relaxing experience at Plush and to keep them coming back.”

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